Ways & Byways

Imagine a collection of slow-travel adventures crafted around ancient and sacred ways, themed cultural routes, the great animal migrations routes, and roads less-traveled paths to indigenous communities considered as the keepers of the Earth’s wisdom. Welcome to the DENEB ‘Ways & Byways’ collection.

The ‘Way of the Earth‘

Our ‘Way of the Earth’ journeys offers the DENEB explorers immersive experiences co-created with indigenous communities, some with roots dating back tens of thousands of years. The unifying thread between all our Way of the Earth journeys includes the relationship each culture has had through time with the Earth and Nature.

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Ancient and Sacred Ways

These journeys consist of treks through nature, history, and cultural heritage. They include astounding natural and architectural wonders and stories about the ancient cultures that breathed life into these routes before fading into the sands of time or evolving up to the present day.

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Cultural Routes

Each year, we craft cultural trips around a theme inspired by the memory and the heritage of a destination, a region or even an influential figure in the history of music, literature, architecture, spirituality, or politics. We also offer, through our ‘Curated by’ series, the opportunity to discover places favored by our ambassadors and members of the DENEB Community.

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The Great Animal Migrations Routes​

Migration is one of the greatest adaptations in the animal kingdom. Each year, the ‘race to survive’ of a vast variety of animals in search of food, water, and a place to breed, takes place around the globe. Observing a population of animals along their epic journey is one of the most awe-inspiring moments nature offers.

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