The Arts do not only reflect our culture. They can also influence or even create it.

Exploring, Learning, Collecting and Creating

At DENEB, we propose immersive journeys whose purpose is to bring enjoyment, learning, enlightenment, and even creative breakthroughs.

We differentiate ourselves by working with talents having curatorship experience for museum collections, art fairs, and private collections. We aim at creating personalized and memorable moments both at established institutions and smaller spaces driven by an experimental mission.

Exploring and Learning

Highly customized, our programs range from the discovery of the highlights of a place in the best conditions to a purpose-driven visit of a private collection, archive, or atelier. 

Going beyond the city limits: Our programs are not confined within the boundaries of any metropolis but extend to lesser-known areas of vibrant cultural and artistic offerings. We take people to the heart of local communities and let them discover and participate in enriching arts events and activities. 

Family and multi-generation travel: We attach strong importance to the content and delivery of our tours and ensure takeaways for each age category in a group, being sensitive to age-appropriate content and quantity to avoid information and stimulation overload.

Starting a collection

If few activities prove quite as rewarding as collecting art, starting an art collection can seem daunting. DENEB’s highly individualized programs include:

  • Educational sessions about market outlooks, the way to start a balanced collection, the artists, the materials, the assessment of the condition of a work, the “what to ask”…
  • Visits of museums, art galleries, and auction houses.
  • Encounters with actual in-destination collectors.
  • Meeting with artists.

Enriching an existing collection

Based on a deep understanding of the collector’s preferences and objectives, DENEB creates customized tours that call both on an in-depth knowledge of the contemporary art scene and an extensive network of contacts.


Residency programs are an essential part of most artists’ careers. They provide the uninterrupted time needed to focus on the creative process, far from all of life’s usual distractions. 

We support artistic creation and can provide an inclusive environment that fosters inspiration, cross-disciplinary exchange, host community engagement, new perspectives, and skills. 

DENEB acts as a resource for those desiring solo creative retreats or intimate, creative collaborations. Disciplines we support include, but are not limited to visual arts, pottery and ceramics, writing, music composition, choreography, and performance.

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