Chase the Night Sky

Dream of afar, wish upon a star

The night sky is part of our global human heritage, largely unchanged from the sky that our distant ancestors beheld. Anyone who has gazed up at a crystal-clear sky at night and seen the Earth’s cosmic light show or stars so bright they seem reachable will have felt a sense of wonder.
Our ‘Chase the Night Sky’ journeys blend contemplation, culture, science, art, and hospitality.
  • They are designed with contributors including astronomers, philosophers, celestial navigators, storytellers, astrophotographers, and performing artists.
  • They include stays in nature-rich destinations that experience less light pollution.
  • They are planned annually according to a specific calendar that takes our audiences to unique locations around the world.

These journeys are dear to our hearts. As you can read here, our name, DENEB, was inspired by our night sky.

Be prepared to be in awe, to be enriched with knowledge and emotion, to experience a surge of inspiration. Click here for more information about our night-sky journeys and events.

We also invite you to visit our Values & Contributions page to read about our commitment to preserving our night skies and our partnership with the International Dark-Sky Association.