Our Health & Safety Charter of Commitment

We are doing everything in our capacity to keep you safe

The COVID-19 pandemic has added a new layer of risk both in daily life and in travel experiences. While no activity can claim to be 100% safe, there are many ways to mitigate risk, and adventure travel professionals are experts at that.

As a response to COVID-19, we have meticulously reviewed every facet of the experiences we propose and have implemented several preventive measures to ensure your safety and the well-being of our staff and the members of the communities we take you to.

We closely monitor and comply with the recommendations and guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the government of each specific country where we operate.

Furthermore, as a member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association, we are following and enforcing the guidelines set by the organization with information and health advice from technical experts and organizations such as the Cleveland Clinic, a world-renowned healthcare provider ranked as one of the best hospitals in the world in 2020 by Newsweek magazine. These guidelines provide a path to an organized and safer reopening for the adventure industry by providing a common set of actions that we request from the travel businesses and suppliers we work with across the industry supply chain.

Our COVID-19 Risk Assessment and Planning Tools include standardized templates designed specifically by experts to assist travel industry operators in assessing whether a trip may be viable concerning the COVID-19 related risks.

  • We assess risk under four levels: Low, Low-Medium, Medium-High, and High.

  • We only propose journeys and programs that have an assessed risk level of “Low” across all components.


We elevate our standards as best practices evolve. As international and country restrictions and public health guidelines evolve, our tools and standards evolve to reflect new advice and changes to guidelines when they emerge. While no one can promise complete safety, DENEB is actively working to make your travel environment as safe as possible by taking measures in the following four areas: 

We ensure that all hired drivers:

  • Have installed transparent isolating panels between the driver’s space and the passenger’s space – as a configuration of the vehicle allows.

  • Take a temperature check before they begin their work.

  • Wear protective safety masks and comply with measures that include social distancing from passengers and hand-washing.

  • Maintain the thorough ventilation of cars.

  • Follow thorough disinfection procedures for their vehicle using ion generating devices and sodium hypochlorite liquid after the completion of each trip.

  • Make hand sanitizers and safety masks available in the vehicle.

Lodging venues and recommended restaurants, cafés, and bars

All the places we propose have heightened their health and safety standards, many with the involvement of a medical institution or cleaning company partner. In order to keep our sustained confidence, these venues have welcomed our thorough check process on the implementation of the new recommended industry norms, behaviors, and standards. We expect, from each venue we work with, to:

  • Have a designated person responsible for ensuring stricter health and safety measures are observed as much in private and public spaces as in the back of house areas.

  • Follow stringent cleanliness standards and protocols using high-level disinfection material and technology such as ionization and UV light technology to enhance air quality and disinfection.

  • Respect guest contact measures complying with government-specified distancing measures.

  • Have enhanced their food safety standards.

  • Propose contactless payment solutions.

Among the series of measures we have implemented:

  • The activities we propose take place in venues with social or physical distancing protocols in place. 

  • All of our office, and in-the-field staff (guides, translators and concierge) receive proper education, and training to protect themselves and our travelers. 

  • We use full-fledge activity-specific protocols for activities that include Cultural Tours & Sightseeing, Culinary Experiences, Cycling, Trekking, Rafting, Glamping, Skiing and Snowboarding. These encompass specific group management, pre-arrival directives, transport, food, and sanitization protocols for the equipment used.

We ensure that all of our office and in-the-field staff (guides, translators and concierge) receive proper education and training to protect themselves, and our travelers in accordance with recommendations from the CDC.

Note & Disclaimer

Note: Our Health & Safety Charter of Commitment is a living document. As international and national restrictions and public health guidelines evolve, this document will also evolve to reflect new advice and changes to guidelines when they emerge. Our guidelines and assessment tools have been developed in line with the most recent information coming from international and national sources related to health, tourism, and outdoor activities. 

Disclaimer: The information contained within our Health & Safety Charter of Commitment may change from time to time due to the evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic. It must not by itself be relied upon in determining decisions. Readers of this charter must independently verify any information on which they wish to rely. We have taken all possible measures to verify that, like us, all business owners and managers we collaborate with have implemented the tools and safety standards according to the governmental, health authority, and regulatory guidance. While reasonable care has been taken, DENEB cannot give a definitive answer or direction as to whether a trip will be safe, leaving the responsibility at the hands of the travelers to make their own assessment. DENEB shall not be liable in case of a medical situation developed by a Client traveling with us.