Our Experience Design

For many of us, the planning of a journey is often associated with the same process: Diving in our inspirations and needs, revisiting the bucket list of places we wish to discover, consulting the online and offline resources we have saved, and sometimes even involving fellow travelers with converging and diverging needs and perspective to be taken into consideration.

At DENEB, to conceive a memorable, journey, we begin the Experience Design Process by gaining deep insights about each prospective traveler. This process integrates questionnaires that support the mapping of our travelers’ needs, inspirations, and aspirations.

Our first questionnaire invites you to envision a story where, as the main character, you select the sceneries where your travel story unfolds, the human and non-human characters appearing in that story, the situations you find appealing…

A second questionnaire is a self-exploratory assessment reserved for travelers interested in going on a well-being getaway, taking a journey that pushes the physical and mental boundaries, or planning a personal or professional development retreat. This questionnaire, despite its entertaining dimension, is a scientifically validated tool rooted in the work of Carl Jung, the renowned 20th-century Swiss psychologist. It explores the narrative structures or “archetypes” currently active and dormant in our life: The Explorer, the Rebel, the Creator, the Realist…

Carl Jung used the terms “archetypes” to name the natural inclinations we are born with to perceive universal symbols and patterns and generate, in our mind, similar images and patterns. Jung’s work on archetypes has influenced many fields beyond psychology, including literature, branding & marketing, theater, movies… In fact, our Founder, who initiated our Archetypal Experience DesignTM process, first used archetypes when working in the creative industries in the United States more than 20 years ago. He has a well-grounded belief in how powerful the integration of activities inspired by the archetype(s) we wish to nurture, awaken, or further develop, can be to make a journey, not only enriching and memorable but also transformative.