Discover Jomon

The first Chapter of an ultimate Journey Experience: ‘The Great Story of Japan’

Discover Jomon is an extensive project to promote the southern Hokkaido region internationally.

With the support of leading archaeological and scientific investigation specialists on the Jomon culture, DENEB has developed a signature program that blends cultural discoveries, outdoor adventures, culinary treats, Arts & Crafts collaborations, and intimate moments of pampering. 

Our program features bespoke experiences adapted to the needs of each participant and anchored in DENEB’s values of acting for ecological sustainability, protecting biodiversity, preserving our world heritage, and contributing to the cultural vitality and economic prosperity of each host community we are involved in.

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Journey to the Extraordinary

In order to promote a more sustainable lifestyle, DENEB has partnered with the Hakodate Jomon Culture Center to develop a project based on academic results whose goal is to present the Jomon culture and spirituality to journeyers, travelling individually or in small exclusive groups from April to November. 


The discovery of the Oshima Peninsula in Southern Hokkaido is an exceptional experience, where adventure mingles with an ancient history of over 10,000 years. 


With our storytellers and experts, this is an extraordinary cultural immersion in one of the most fascinating civilizations the world has ever known, to walk in the footsteps of the Jomon. 



The Journey Concept


3 days and 2 nights accommodation. 


The itinerary is tailor-made according to the participants’ requests, who are free to choose 3 of the options below (each option corresponds to 1 day of the itinerary): 

The Northern Gate: Hakodate

Welcome to Hakodate…the gateway to the Northern island of Japan. A day trip to Hakodate to discover its traditional districts, to meet craftsmen and artists, and to enjoy a luxurious and refined gastronomy.

Tales of an Ancient Civilization: The Jomon People

An extraordinary visit to the ancient Jomon past with our storytellers and scientific experts at the Hakodate Jomon Culture Center and the newly designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Explore the ecosystem of the Jomon region. 

Learn from the past, think about the future, learn unprecedented perspectives, and experiencing the remarkable and universal value of the Jomon history and culture.

The Great Geology: The Land Revered

A journey through the power of geology, which we believe has been revered by the Jomon People as a source of spirituality. Hike volcanoes and experiencing meditation at the dawn to be at one with nature.

The Big Blue: A Journey on the Western Shores of the Oshima Peninsula

Explore the the deep blue Sea of Japan, on the Western shores of the Oshima Peninsula. Visit small towns with rich history, get rejuvenated thanks to meditation and hot spring bathing at a luxurious contemporary hotel,  and savour the finest local cuisine.  


Start of the "Discover Jomon" Project.

January 2022

Project vol.0

Launch of Project with Food Experience at AoyamaTreehouse (Tokyo - 12th of January).

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March 2022

Project vol.1

Discover Jomon, Back to the Origin: Hakodate the Route of 10,000 Years tour (planned).

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Project vol.2

We present four films capturing the history and culture of the Jomon

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From April 2022

Start Tour - Discover Jomon, Back to the Origin: Hakodate the Route of 10,000 Years (first visitors).