Architecture & Design

Our architecture & design programs span the globe. We have within our team people who have a passion for, and deep knowledge, in architecture and design. Some of us have even led international contests of architecture or managed projects with renowned architects and designers in Europe, Asia and North America.

Landmark sites, iconic buildings and interiors

At DENEB, we are able to craft Architecture & Design programs that answer various purposes including leisurely discoveries, talks, study tours, workshops, and residencies.

Our program experiences are crafted with and led by local reputed or promising architects, designers, or architecture and design editors. Each tour is unique since it is customized for the intellectual and creative satisfaction of each client. We can also work with clients seeking a professional level of engagement beyond mere aesthetic enjoyment.

Going Deep

When designing an Architecture and Design Tour in a country, our work begins with an understanding of the evolution of both the historical and cultural context. In Japan, for example, we can take visitors to view the interior as well as exterior architecture. The survey can span time and space or can focus on a specific style or period: timeless Shinto shrines; thatched-roof farmhouses; Shinden and Sukiya aristocratic villas; samurai castles; tea houses; iconic buildings of the 20th and 21st century.

The topics covered, the experts involved and even the introductions we make are fitted to the needs and desires of the visitors. Our topics in the Land of the Rising Sun include:
  • Prehistoric buildings
  • The early influences from Korea and China
  • The Development of a cultural identity
  • The Way of the Samurai
  • The Edo Period – From villas and castle towns to theatres and Sumo rings
  • The Meiji era or the period of architectural transition
  • Modern architecture and design

Going deep also means encyclopedia-like knowledge on specific expertise. Based on the specific needs of the traveler or group of travelers (architecture and design firms…), we call upon specialists in our network such as urbanists, landscapers, and construction experts.

Project Development & Incubation​

For those who have a specific architecture or design-related project: You might be tempted to consider a tailor-made program that would enhance and accelerate the path to making your vision a reality. We offer in-destination immersion for research, are able to prepare a program to upgrade your skills, and even present you with the possibility to incubate your project and surround you with various experts who will enrich your development team.

Spotify Playlist

The disciplines of architecture and music interact with each other throughout history. As abstract art forms based on rhythm, texture, proportion, and harmony, they share a clear cultural lineage. Works of architecture and music are influenced by the semantic and historic features of the period lived in. They inspire us daily. Here is our curated architecture- and design-themed playlist, with shout-outs to places, construction material, buildings, and even architects themselves.