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Immune System optimization & Resilience

Our immune system is affected by many factors: polluted environment, poor diet, hectic pace of life, stress, lack of sleep, and exercise. Throughout time, these factors result in the build-up of toxins in our bodies. They speed up the aging process and make us more sensitive to bacterial and viral infections. It is therefore of essence to regularly eliminate the toxins and develop/ sustain a strong immune system.

At DENEB, we have actual well-being experts on our staff with hands-on knowledge in the fusion of holistic wellness and pioneering healthy-living science and technology. Some of us have even developed and managed holistic well-being centers and programs in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

As a result, in addition to offering access to the most advanced protocols to optimize the immune system from a physical standpoint, our retreats:

  • Integrate the key synergetic dimensions and lifestyle contributors to sustainably build a resilient immune system.

  • Are enhanced by pre-retreat recommendations and online activities aiming to educate the program participant.

  • Are followed by a plan aiming to help our well-being journeyers sustain, in their daily life, the pursued objectives.