Stargazing in Aomori

In Aomori, like in other pristine parts of Japan, we welcome you to leave the world of artificial light behind and immerse in the darkness under a sky full of stars. In this natural planetarium, the stars envelop you as they fill the sky, reflect off lakes and illuminate the forest. Stargazing is taken to a whole new level, here you ‘star-bathe’. Allow your senses to be awakened to the mysteries of the night, to experience a connection with our ancestors and to reconnect with yourself.

Depending on the weather conditions, the local guide will take you to the ideal location for a clear view of the stars. Once your eyes are acclimated to the darkness, the magical landscape of the starry night sky will unveil in front of you. For the keen celestial explorers, you may study the stars more closely using an astronomical telescope under the direction of our guide. In certain locations, you may also be able to experience walking in the forest without lights.


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