How Use WordPress


Thank you for your confidence in the creation of your website.


Warning :

Any action of modification or deletion is irreversible!


Your dashboard is currently composed of 3 main categories: Media, Page, Profile.

Media gathers all the documents loaded and useful to your website.
Pages, Gathers all the pages composing the website.
Profile, Allows you to change the general aspect of the Dashboard as well as your contact information and information.

Change your Profil

I invite you to fill in your first and last name as well as the part about you that could be used when setting up the blog.

You can also add a profile picture.


Follow your stats !

To use it, you need to create and link your account with google analytics.

Just follow the instructions.


On the media page, you will find all the files you can download from the website.
By clicking on one of them you can edit or even delete it.
It is also in this space that you can upload new items.

image Added

For each loaded image, it is important to specify the different fields on the right side of the image.

The title and alternative text must be short and correspond to the image.

For the other two fields, a copy and paste of a longer text can be made, allowing keywords to be entered as a complete sentence and not as simple words separated by commas.

By clicking on the link at the bottom right: “supprimer l’image”, you can also delete the image.

Modify image

Under each image there is an edit image button.

This opens a window that allows you to make modifications and transformations on the image, such as resizing, cropping or even inverting the image.


On page section you find all pages.

You can create a new page on clicking the button on the top (please refer the next next to create page)

You can also edit other pages. Any change is irreversible !

Create New Page

After you click on the “create page” button.

1 – Input the name of the page

2 – Click on the blue button “Edit with Elementor”

3 – Click on the file button

4 – Choose “Template Page” on “My Favorite” tab

5 – Valid the import settings with the “Yes” button

At the end, don’t forget to publish the page.


How edit a page

The process to edit a page is very simple.

Click on object to edit it.

When you create a new page, the template page includes all editing instructions.

>> open the template page


Edit Text

  1. Click on text value
  2. On the editor click on style tab
  3. click on the globe button to edit color or text style
  4. you can also use the pencil button to personalize the style.


You have some access to pages. You can create a new one and also edit the older pages. 

However when you publish a new page, you can not show it in the menu (navigation bar) you need to contact your administrator to do it.

Also, to change something in the navigation bar or in the footer (start with the owl) you need to contact the administrator.



Once a month your site is backup on a server. The history of the backup is only two month.

The backup can be used when the site has been hacked, or completely destroyed. However the backup cannot be considered as a solution in case of accidental deletion of an element.

The restarting of the site thanks to the backup can take at least 48 hours.


Contact administrator